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We understand that organisations have different needs and their circumstances may change which makes it difficult to predict how much HR and recruitment support you will need in the future. Think about the present with an eye on the future.


Our clients do not need to commit to long contracts to get expert HR and recruitment support. However, when they do we have the opportunity to build a solid foundation for your business through your people.


Our clients use our services as an 'one-off', project-based, or for ongoing people support. The longer we work together, the more we will get to know and understand your people and organisational culture. There is no universal recipe for HR success. Every organisation is different. It's our pleasure to discover yours!


Are you running a small organisation and you are starting to spend more time on dealing with people and HR challenges than growing your business? Let us help you transform your HR challenges into growth opportunities! We enjoy helping small organisations that are just starting to grow and find themselves swimming in deep waters to build a solid foundation for their future development. This effort always requires a good and continous HR support. 


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Our first advice to start-ups? - Always hire people who are smarter than you! Always offer them HR support. Do this and you are already halfway to success.